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Trial of the Gods is the first set to be launched in Gods Unchained (GU) after the Genesis set was introduced in 2018. A little more than two years ago I wrote an article with advice on which card packs was worth buying for Genesis. For Genesis there were quite a bit of money to be saved on going after the right packs, and this article will try and do the same for Trial of the Gods.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Gods Unchained, nor have I been contracted to write an article. I have bought cards so I do…

This article relates to the functionality that was added to Gods Unchained this week: Tradable Packs. This is a functionality that I’ve been hoping for because I know how popular the old boost packs in Magic the Gathering are. I’ll explain how it works and how it’s implemented in the game.

I’ll skip most of the blockchain stuff in this article, even if the mechanisms behind this is pretty interesting, but I’ve tried to explain that in a non-technical way.

Treasure chests filled with packs

So what happens if I buy the regular packs, but don’t open them?

If you buy regular packs, the cards are actually determined upon purchase (or to be technical, a little bit later)…

Update: The API of Gods Unchained is not working properly at the moment, and the IMX solution is not out yet so is currently offline. I may evaluate the situation after IMX is out.

It has added up to quite a bit of functionality at now, and instead of filling the site with a lot of text I’ll use this article as a user guide for the site.

guCollection is a community site for Gods Unchained (GU), an online collectible card game with tradable cards and ownership guaranteed by blockchain technology.

I’ve added functionality to guCollection that I…

Are you hesitant about spending money on digital card games? Do you find card less trustworthy than physical cards? In this article I’ll try to argue that it should in fact be the other case around

I’ll talk about the importance of transparency, authenticity and I’ll go through how Gods Unchained achieve a high degree of randomness in the card packs you buy. All relevant for building trust and both are achieved by using blockchain technology. There will be a few code examples, and some blockchain tech-talk, but it shouldn’t require much prior knowledge to follow .

For anyone who…

Update: A guide for the latest set, Trial of the Gods, can be found here. This guide is primarily for Genesis, though some generic concepts about Gods Unchained cards are explained here.

In this article I’ll be talking about which type of card packs are worth buying in Gods Unchained. The card packs have different properties and different prices, so which to choose depend on what type of cards you seek. The game is in beta as we speak and open for anyone to play (beta access included in link).

Gods Unchained is an online collectible card game with tradable…


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